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Biomass energy

Biomass is one the largest and still growing sources of energy. The use of biomass fuels for heating and for electricity generation is increasing in many developed countries as a means of avoiding carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel use. AXIS Tech can provide various biomass boiler house equipment for efficient and reliable energy production at the industrial level.

Power plant types

Individual equipment

Fuel range

Biomass combustion properties can be species-specific and site-specific. Fertilization and the characteristics of the ground, where the biomass is grown, have an effect on ash content and ash melting, fouling and slagging temperatures, as well as emissions. For example properties of tree bark, branches and stem wood are all different. AXIS Tech fuel range consists from various biomass-based fuels to solid waste fuels. We can provide a range of combustion technologies suited for agricultural and wood residues, recycled wood and energy crops.
Forest residue
Wood Mill residue
Corn residue