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What causes pollution?

NOx is a term for the nitrogen oxides that are most relevant for air pollution, containing nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). These gases contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain, as well it affects tropospheric ozone, which is considered as a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming. What is more, NOx not only affects the earth, but it also has outcomes on our health – there is strong evidence that NOx can trigger and exacerbate existing asthma symptoms, and it has also been associated with heart disease, diabetes, birth outcomes.
Emissions control solutions
ultra low nox burners

NOx reduction solutions

Low NOX burners, Ultra-low NOx burners and SNCR technologies are installed in numerous grate-fired plants with various fuels, such as natural gas, biomass, or heavy fuel-oil which are operated according to the current regulations of NOx-reduction rates. AXIS Tech can deliver NOx reduction technologies that are a fundamental part to reduce NOx emissions for conventional power plants that burn natural gas, biomass, or heavy fuel oil.
  • Low NOx burners. Combustion NOx-control technologies aim is to minimize the formation of NOx when the combustion is taking place.
  • Ultra-low NOx burners. In this solution the fuel gas is mixed with air before injection into the combustion zone, resulting in consistently low-temperature flames.
  • SNCR systems. Post-combustion NOx-control technologies that reduce NOx to N2 and H2O with ammonia or urea-based reagents.
Together with our main partners Fives we manage to achieve significant results in NOx reduction projects. Fives has over 100 years’​ experience in industrial engineering of high-efficiency Pillard equipment, cutting-edge combustion technologies, and ultra low-NOx solutions to help customers exceed their objectives to optimize energy consumption and reduce emissions. This successful collaboration of two strong companies with high-tech solutions, experience and meticulous contract execution lead to the reconstruction of PTVM, KVGM, TVGM, TGME types of boilers that comply with the latest EU emission directives.
AXIS Tech partners with Fives