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  • The new 36 MW biomass plant will cover up to 60 % of the heat demand of Daugavpils city
Biomass energy

The new 36 MW biomass plant will cover up to 60 % of the heat demand of Daugavpils city

Apr 13, 2022
Daugavpils biomass boiler plant

The new Daugavpils siltumtīkli 36 MW biomass water heating boiler plant delivered by AXIS Tech will satisfy up to 60 % of the total heat demand of Daugavpils city, which is the second-largest city in Latvia after its capital Riga. According to World Economic forum Latvia stands among the EU nations that generated more than a third of their electricity from renewables.

One of the uniqueness of this project is that the biomass boiler plant was built in the same place where the old underground fuel oil farm used to be.

Daugavpils biomass boiler plant

There is no doubt that biomass is one of the largest sources of renewable energy in use today. With a 22.1 % share of energy consumed from renewable sources in 2020, but still, the transformation in the energy system is a must to meet the current 32 % renewable energy target set of The EU Commission for 2030 which also can rise during times. Also, by taking part in such projects, Latvia not only reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to a cleaner future but also increases the energy independence of the whole country.

“Due to the difficult geopolitical situation of today and the rapidly rising prices of natural gas, it is very important for each country to have and be able to use its energy resources. Biomass energy technology is one way to produce carbon-neutral thermal and electric energy that allows reducing the price of energy for consumers who are already tired of inflation in recent times.” – Giedrius Vaitkevičius, CEO of AXIS Tech.


Daugavpils siltumtīkli 36 MW water heating boiler

The new AXIS Tech biomass boiler house has 4 units of water heating boilers with a capacity of ≥7.5 MW each and 2 units of flue gas condensing economizers with a total capacity of 6 MW with all auxiliary equipment, including a biomass fuel warehouse and transportation systems, design and construction of a new chimney, control systems, vehicle scales and access roads. Total boiler thermal power is 36 MW. You can see all details of Daugavpils siltumtīkli 36 MW water heating boiler plant in the video below:


AXIS Tech is one of the leading biomass energy equipment companies in the Baltic states that have been supplying green and sustainable energy solutions to cities and individual enterprises for three decades. This experience made our company an expert in generating energy from renewable biomass. The scope of AXIS Tech covers biomass energy equipmentbiomass boiler plant efficiency solutions  and emissions reduction projects.

Daugavpils siltumtīkli 36 MW biomass water heating boiler plant