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  • The new efficiency equipment in Klaipėdos Energija increases the efficiency of the boiler house by 10 %
Energy efficiency

The new efficiency equipment in Klaipėdos Energija increases the efficiency of the boiler house by 10 %

Jun 27, 2022
Klaipėdos energija

Energy prices are not rising in days, but in hours – while this may not be the truth, energy prices are rising rapidly not only in the European Union but around the world since the second half of 2021. This is well illustrated by The World Bank‘s Commodity Markets Outlook, which states that energy prices in March 2022 were more than four times higher than in April 2020, the largest increase in energy prices in 23 months since the 1973 petroleum price spike.

That is why AXIS Tech is dedicated to producing energy efficiency solutions for biomass boiler house, that is available to recover the heat from flue gas and increase fuel to heat efficiency of the biomass boiler plant from 8 to 12 %. This equipment also is:
> Environmentally friendly investment
> EU funds supported
> Reduces the cost of energy
> Suitable for new construction or retrofit applications

The second stage flue gas condensing economizer with the absorption heat pump allows for the recovery of additional heat from the low-temperature potential heat source. This technology differs from a compressor heat pump in that the driving force is not electricity, but heat with a high-temperature potential. This equipment increases the efficiency of the existing boiler house, allows for efficient use of fuel, emits less CO2 and helps reduce the cost of thermal energy for consumers.

Klaipėdos energija

In the following video, you can see AB „Klaipėdos energija“ biomass boiler plant that was upgraded with AXIS Tech second stage flue gas condensing economizer and the INDEEL LT UAB absorption heat pump. The general contractor of this project was Axioma service. After the modernization of the Klaipėdos Energija biomass boiler plant, the boiler house’s efficiency has increased by approximately 10 percent. Thanks to the new efficiency solution the part of the heat that was released into the environment with flue gas is recovered and supplied to the consumers of district heating.

AXIS Tech is one of the leading biomass energy equipment companies in the Baltic states that have been supplying green and sustainable energy solutions to cities and individual enterprises for three decades. This experience made our company an expert in generating energy from renewable biomass. The scope of AXIS Tech covers biomass energy equipment, biomass boiler plant efficiency solutions  and emissions reduction projects.

Flue gas condensing economizer