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Biomass energy

Release of the first AXIS Tech II degree flue gas condensing economizer

May 10, 2021
flue gas condensing economizer

In April of 2021, AXIS Tech has presented the first designed, constructed and manufactured companies II degree flue gas condensing economizer to Kauno Energija, Lithuania. This equipment together with the absorption heat pump will increase the efficiency of the boiler house and will also help to reduce the cost of heat produced to consumers.

Due to AXIS Tech’s accumulated technological experience and active cooperation with production partners, the II degree flue gas condensing economizer has been released after a little more than a year of intensive work.

flue gas condensing economizer

This smoke condensing economizer is designed to recover an additional part of the residual heat from the flue gas by cooling the biofuel combustion products (flue gas) to a temperature of 22 – 35 ° C. To achieve this, this system must be supplied with a low-temperature heat carrier that helps to absorbed and transferred thermal energy to other consuming circuits. In the case of this project, the low-temperature heat carrier circulation will be ensured by installing additional absorption heat pumps.

The key uniqueness of this device is a seamless construction that minimizes the time and costs of assembly at the site. This result is achieved regarding the Glass fiber Reinforced Plastics (GRP) molding technology. The glass fiber of the respective composition can withstand the operating temperature up to 200 ° C, but concerning the technological aspects of this project, the selected composite is designed to work up to 70 ° C.

AXIS Tech has extensive experience in the design and operation of condensing economizer technologies. One of the goals of our company is not only to contribute to sustainable technologies but also to minimize the production time of the device and the costs of the installation on site. We hope that in the future we will be able to integrate even more alternative design and production solutions for energy systems, which will allow us to make them more efficient and environment-friendly.