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Biomass energy

Axis Tech will contribute to the construction of a biofuel power plant in Poland

Jul 2, 2020

Axis Tech, a company producing energy production solutions and metal processing, will start operating in Lublin, one of the oldest cities in Poland. Here, a consortium consisting of Axis Tech and the Polish company Energoserwis won the tender of the heat supply company Megatem EC-Lublin and will build a cogeneration biofuel power plant. Its electrical capacity is 12 MWe and its thermal capacity is 50 MW.

The total value of this project exceeds 41.5 million. euros. Part of the project is funded by the Polish National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund.

“We have been active in the field of biofuel energy for 20 years and have probably the largest experience in the region. Our experience, competencies, qualified engineering staff have become the key to this biofuel power plant project, for which we will supply the main equipment, ”said Paulius Arštikys, CEO of Axis Tech.

Axis Tech will supply a 50 MW biofuel boiler and an electrostatic precipitator for smoke cleaning. The manufacturers of this equipment are well-known international companies. The other part of the supplied equipment – the biofuel supply system and the 7 MW smoke condensing economizer – was manufactured by Axis Tech itself. “These are our standard products, valued for their reliability and durability,” said P. Arštikys.

Axis Tech specialists will also perform the installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment.

The new power plant is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2022. From the beginning of 2023, it is planned to start supplying the energy produced in the power plant to the electricity grid, as Megatem EC-Lublin has won the state electricity supply tender.

“Among the main challenges in Lublin is the right choice of technology and management of a complex project. The construction deadlines of the power plant are short, the main sequence of works is consistent, and the fines for delays are high, ”said P. Arštikys.

Megatem EC-Lublin supplies heat to the residents of all Lublin districts. Heat is produced in a combined system that allows the simultaneous production of electricity and the supply of steam for technological production processes. The company supplies it to factories located on the site of a former car factory in Lublin. In recent years, the modernized and EU-compliant Megatem EC-Lublin has paid special attention to environmental protection.

Axis Tech has been known in the Baltic and Scandinavian markets for more than 20 years. The boiler houses built by the company generate more than 60 percent of the energy produced from biofuels in Lithuania. The company has implemented more than 200 biofuel energy and boiler house construction projects in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Russia.

The company currently operates in four main areas. These are energy production solutions, production of metal structures, production of cranes and industrial lifting equipment, production of industrial conveyors and conveyors.

Axis Tech belongs to the ICOR group of companies. From the end of 2019, the group companies Axis Technologies and Remeksi Keskus have continued their activities under the single brand Axis Tech.