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  • The Megatem EC Lublin CHP Plant: One More Step in Poland’s Renewable Energy
Biomass energy

The Megatem EC Lublin CHP Plant: One More Step in Poland’s Renewable Energy

Jan 2, 2024

The Megatem EC Lublin 11,7 MWe Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant represents a significant stride towards sustainable energy practices. This facility is not merely an addition to the country’s energy infrastructure; it also shows Poland’s commitment to environmental commitment and technological innovation.

Central to this project is a 50 MW bubbling fluidized bed boiler – this boiler, characterized by its extensive steam pressure of 68 bar(a) and a temperature of 490°C, boasts a capacity of 55.8t/h. Moreover, AXIS Tech has also contributed significantly by installing two flue gas condensing economizers that are integral to enhancing the plant’s efficiency, underscoring the commitment to sustainable energy production.

Furthermore, AXIS Tech has implemented equipment for fuel handling, ash removal, and flue gas treatment, ensuring the plant’s operations are environmentally sound. The responsibility undertaken by AXIS Tech in the equipment start-up and adjustment works is also essential because the company’s expertise ensures that the plant’s operations are optimized for peak performance.

The Megatem EC Lublin CHP plant is an excellent example of the potential of biomass energy in powering large-scale operations while minimizing environmental impact. This project significantly contributes to reducing emissions, thereby playing a crucial role in enhancing the environmental quality of Lublin.

Special recognition is due to Energoserwis, the project leader, whose leadership and expertise have been pivotal in the successful realization of this project. The collaboration between Energoserwis and AXIS Tech demonstrates the power of partnership in achieving sustainable energy solutions.