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Collaboration for a life-changing project with TerraWaste

Aug 2, 2021

AXIS Tech starts collaboration with a startup TerraWaste to deliver a life-changing project with the aim to get rid of waste and pollution by enabling turn off non-recyclable waste to tangible value for business and governments.

In this project the biggest challenge is to get rid of non-recyclable waste. See the situation in the table below:

TerraWaste found an innovative technology for non-recyclable waste recycling. The technology is based on the process of hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL), which allows the transformation of organic and inorganic waste into bio-liquid under the influence of high pressure and temperature.

Is a thermochemical conversion technology that converts wet biomass into bio-crude oil at elevated temperatures (250–400°C) and pressures (200 bar). During this process, a multitude of reactions takes place, including chain scission, hydrolysis, decarboxylation and elimination of water.

Is a self-efficient system and while converting waste invaluable output it re-uses the heat and water in a loop, that way saving resources needed for the technology to work.

AXIS Tech is helping with engineering solutions that will allow TerraWaste to develop its technology faster and assure high quality.

Advantages of TerraWaste system:

  • ANY WASTE – TW HYDRO Loop technology allows to recycle any type of carbon-containing waste – organic household waste, agricultural waste, all types of plastic.
  • FULLY REUSABLE OUTPUT – The output from the technological process is fully reusable, there are no leftovers from the process.
  • NO POLLUTION – No polluting gas emissions from the process, which saves the environment and helps to reduce pollution by recycling waste.
  • ENERGY RESOURCE EFFICIENCY – Energy efficient and environmentally friendly process. From reusing water supply, heat from the HTL process itself and having the reaction in a sealed device.

“Sustainability as a business approach is one of the main values of AXIS Tech. The company already delivers equipment that is playing a key role in avoiding carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel use and making the world a cleaner place for our and next generations.” – tells Paulius Arštikys, CEO of AXIS Tech.

AXIS Tech with more than three decades of experience is one of the leading biomass energy solutions and steel processing companies in Baltic states. The company has been providing clean and sustainable energy solutions to cities and businesses. AXIS Tech supplies products for power and heat sector companies that require advanced solutions aimed at reducing pollution throughout Europe and beyond.