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  • AXIS Tech team is developing a new agro biomass furnace

AXIS Tech team is developing a new agro biomass furnace

Mar 15, 2021

Axis Tech team is constantly looking for innovative solutions that meet not only today’s but also future trends. Our team has conducted a full study of the biomass used in Southeast Asia and Europe that is suitable for combustion. Using our gathered data we decided to provide a wider range of modern biomass energy and heating equipment to our clients.

“Currently AXIS Tech R&D team is working on a new agro biomass furnace solution. This solution is a modern reciprocating grate biomass furnace with particularly accurate combustion, air distribution and highly advanced automatization equipment. Advanced new type PKA furnace with integrated boiler will be designed to combust and dry biofuels with 15 – 45% moisture content. It is planned that design works will be finished by the end of this year.” – Says Aleksas Jazdauskas, Axis Tech R&D department manager.

Key features of new Axis Tech agro biomass furnace:

  • Water cooled walls. Unique boiler design features allows using hard to combust biofules such as agro waste, extremely dry or dusty fuels. Furnace is integrated into boiler – so all furnace walls are made from water panels. This allows to combust fuels with low ash melting point.
  • Specialized grates. Boiler grates is made for corrosion resistance alloys. The design of grates allow to combust fuels with high particles concentration. Air nozzles are made from the front of grate – this reduces primary air velocities, grate interlocking reduces unburnt particles to be discarded to under grate zone.
  • Auger type fuel feeding system. Fuel feeding system made of individually controlled auger type feeders. This allows precisely control of fuel flow. Also this type of fuel feeding system could utilize large variety of different fuel types.
  • Reliable ash removal system. Ash from the furnace will be removed with a help of screw type transporters that are placed bellow every combustion zone. This also helps to ensure proper air and recirculation flue gas mixture and combustion control.


It is planed that the new furnace with all modification will be able to use these types of fuel to achieve the most efficient combustion process:

  1. Rice husk
  2. Sugar cane waste
  3. Maize waste
  4. Nut shells
  5. Sawmill residues
  6. Trees, timbers
  7. Logging residues
  8. Wood of non-forest origin

AXIS Tech is one of the leading biomass energy solutions and steel processing companies in Northern Europe, which has been providing clean and sustainable energy solutions to cities and businesses. The expert team at AXIS Tech boasts more than 20 years of professional experience and has more than 200 clients in the Baltics and other countries.

We supply products for power and heat sector companies that require advanced solutions aimed at reducing pollution throughout Europe and beyond. The company performs implementation and modernization of biofuel-, gas- and liquid fuel-fired boilers, heating plants and combined heat and power stations, provides integrated services of plant’s technical expertise and advice, design works, boiler equipment supply and installation, start-up and commissioning, equipment automation and maintenance services.

We also design and manufacture lifting and handling equipment, non-standard equipment, steel structures for various industries. We are a strong and reliable partner – the company is compliant with the ISO and OHSAS quality standards.

Contact us and get more information about our advanced solutions!