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  • The new biofuel boiler house at PEC Suwałki contributes to a better tomorrow

The new biofuel boiler house at PEC Suwałki contributes to a better tomorrow

Nov 20, 2020

The biofuel boiler house at PEC Suwałki starts operating in December 2020, after the successful completion of connection works, which took place in November this year. For Axis Tech, it is the first biofuel combustion project on the Polish market.

Two biofuel boilers for heating water with a total capacity of 25 MW and a flue gas condensing economizer with a capacity of 5.0 MW were made in just 23 months thanks to the good cooperation and experience of specialists from Axis Tech and Energika.

AXIS TECH is one of the leaders in energy production from biomass and metal processing in Northern Europe – for over 20 years it has been providing clean, sustainable energy solutions for cities and enterprises. This experience has made Axis Tech an expert in generating energy from renewable biomass.

Our partner in this investment, the company Energika Małgorzata Szamałek, Zbigniew Szamałek Sp.j. is a family company operating in the thermal and professional energy industry for over 30 years. Energika is a market leader in terms of the efficiency of the boilers and turbines offered, as well as the construction of new and modernization of existing boiler houses or combined heat and power plants.

Biofuels are currently one of the most used renewable energy sources. By participating in such projects, Poland reduces carbon consumption and CO2 emissions, contributing to a better tomorrow.

“From the very beginning, the cooperation was good,” says Mieczysław Modzelewski, production director at PEC Suwałki. “The contractors knew what they were going to build. We discussed all doubts – there was no question of surprising the other party. Even the outbreak of a pandemic has not caused longer downtime. A precisely prepared contract made everyone know their rights and obligations. Cooperation with an experienced contractor who is willing and able to cooperate, allowed for the efficient implementation and timely completion of the investment. Virtually all stages went as planned, and the riots and test run started without major disruptions.

The first weeks of work confirm the assumptions. The participation of the service staff consists in the control of the process – both remote and direct. The automation system controls the process correctly and the parameters are stable.

A novelty in relation to coal-fired boilers is relatively fast volumetric fuel consumption, especially when two boilers operate at maximum parameters. The staff will certainly quickly master the new installation, which, thanks to the possibility of active participation at the stage of both design and implementation, was managed to be configured in an extremely operator-friendly way.

The Suwałki heating system is energy efficient, but the commissioning of the biomass combustion installation will allow to obtain about 20% share of renewable energy in the annual heat production – we hope that this will reduce production costs, at least in terms of CO 2 costs, although we also count on a favorable relation between heat costs and biomass in relation to the cost of coal ”.

“We are proud to be able to participate in projects such as PEC Suwałki,” says Aleksas Jazdauskas, head of the Technological Equipment and Production Department at Axis Tech. – Axis Tech’s team of experts has over 20 years of professional experience and has implemented over 200 biomass boiler plant projects in the Baltic States and beyond. We supply and install biomass-fired boilers with a thermal power from 5 to 50 MW.

Converting biomass into clean energy with minimal environmental impact is a major challenge that requires complex combustion engineering to the highest standards. Solid Axis Tech fireplaces are designed to burn biomass of very low quality and high humidity. We manufacture most of the equipment ourselves at the Axis Tech metalworking plant in Estonia.

Aleksas Jazdauskas also emphasizes that Axis Tech perceives Poland as a strategic market, as it is one of the countries that is just switching to renewable energy. The company willingly shares its experience gained in projects in Estonia, Latvia and other countries.

“While evaluating the Polish market, we make every effort to participate in future projects. Moreover, Axis Tech, as a heat pump installer, is not only involved in general construction projects, but also manufactures equipment, opening up to partnerships with Polish companies dealing with energy “- says the head of the Technological Equipment and Production Departments of Axis Tech.

Axis Tech develops technological devices for boiler rooms and power plants, as well as develops industrial areas, implementing projects of various scale and character. The company provides design, installation, servicing and maintenance services and implements modern technologies for energy and heating companies that need advanced solutions to reduce pollutant emissions.