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  • A new stage for the AXIS Tech brand – Handling. Heavy. Heat.

A new stage for the AXIS Tech brand – Handling. Heavy. Heat.

Sep 1, 2021

The AXIS Tech brand strengthens its position in its markets and introduces its renewed slogan “Handling. Heavy. Heat.”. What is the meaning of this slogan? How it was created? All of these questions will be answered by Kristis Avižinas, Head of Marketing at AXIS Tech, who will share his experience and insights.

“Our brand is young compared to some of the players on the market. But we are an energetic team with the great ability to master new skills quickly. I believe that our new motto accurately conveys to customers who we are and what we aim to be in the future.

Strong and correct brand positioning while working in our markets is essential to deliver a message to the target audience. For myself, “Handling. Heavy. Heat.” is like the tip of the iceberg connecting three very different business segments. For professionals and other industry players in these markets, it briefly and clearly explains where we specialize.

In this project, we have involved AXIS Tech people from different fields, of different ages and competencies. Everyone who was in the process was very involved – it was important for them to come up with more than just a slogan, they wanted a result. In just 3 months, we have refined the aspects of brand positioning and together we have created a slogan that incorporates AXIS Tech’s diversified business model. The „Handling.“ part introduces lifting and handling equipment, the „Heavy.“ part includes a custom steel processing function, and the „Heat.“ part is for biomass energy equipment.

AXIS Tech brand is in a continuous transformation process – in 2019, the Lithuanian biofuel energy company “Axis Technologies” and the Estonian steel processing plant “Remeksi Keskus” merged under the same brand – AXIS Tech. Also, we are currently going through a transformation that is associated with renewable energy and rapidly evolving technologies.

I believe our brand has great potential because we have not only strong products but also people. Our team is also a professional team that retains flexibility and willingly innovates – we will always find a way to reorient and bring to market depending on its needs. With this team and the people, we can achieve everything.

Kristis Avižinas