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  • Automated heating units

Control opportunities and benefits

  • Possibility to save up to 30 % of thermal energy

  • Depending on the outdoor air temperature, the selected room temperature can be maintained by adjusting the heat carrier temperature

  • Automatic (programmable) lowering of the room temperature at night to a set level

  • Automatic (programmable) lowering of room temperature on weekends and public holidays to a set level (in schools, health care facilities, office premises, etc.)

  • Selection of any desired thermal energy consumption model, regardless of the heat supplier’s temperature model

  • Frost protection of the heating systems

  • Circulation pump control, activation of technical controls during the heating season

  • Possibility to install transmission and telemetry systems for remote parameter control and scanning

  • The design is adapted to suit conventional residential buildings

  • Small-scale, mass-produced heating unit module

Manufactured based on specific customer requirements and drawings. Wide power range, from 25 kW:

  • Non-self-heating (without heat exchanger for flow separation)
  • Non-self-ventilation (without heat exchanger for flow separation)
  • Self-heating (with heat exchanger for flow separation)
  • Self-ventilation (with heat exchanger for flow separation)
  • Preparation of hot water in a plate heat exchanger or in a storage water heater.

The heating modules use components and elements from the world’s most advanced manufacturers:

  • Heat exchangers: Danfoss, Alfa Laval, WTT (Gea), Kelvion
  • Circulator pumps: Wilo, Grundfos
  • Control valves: Siemens, Danfoss
  • Controllers: Danfoss, Siemens, Enco Control
  • Balancing installation: Danfoss, TA HYDRONICS

Why choose us?

• We have more than 20 years of experience in installation of automated heating unit modules;

• Services provided in Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine;

• Depending on the customer’s needs, we can install both large and small heating unit modules;

• ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and 97/23/EEC certified.